Life flow across graph of undergraduate !!

Hello everyone, though I haven’t decided precisely as of now what to write in this post, this time I wanted to keep on writing since I always think twice before doing something, but wanted to change tracks this time. I don’t want to bore you up right in the beginning, let me get to the task I had undertaken. I am not sure how many will continue till the end, so a warm thanks before itself for having a look at my humble attempt. Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has come, stop thinking and go in.

The title.. I had just read the network flow models in algorithms and it just popped up !!. It struck me that it is so similar to the flow of knowledge in all our minds right through day and night. I just wanted to share some thoughts. Feel free to move out and close this page, if I sound boring, I am still early to writing. To educate a person in mind, not morals is to educate a menace to society.

I have met amazing people all along my journey – peaceful, inspiring, humble, cheerful, talented, outspoken, daring. Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced. I try to learn from everyone I meet, and at the same time understand their beliefs, emotions, thinking, choices and most importantly, fundamentals of life. Let your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.

Friends are built only when you become more interested in them than you were ever in trying to get people interested in you. If there is anything that I could share with them, I am never hesitant to do that. Sometimes, my weaknesses create obstacles, but they are the ones that give me further strength to commit myself to follow my beliefs. Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow.

Each of us have come from varied backgrounds, cultures, families and believe in various principles. We have had our share of lives before ending up here, and life has taught us many lessons. It is important that we stick to them, because those who can’t remember the past are condemned to repeat it. I feel that it is necessary to be able to appreciate what life has in store for us and take everything you get to see, hear and feel in the right spirit and enrich yourself. Don’t wait for the perfect moment, make every moment perfect.

The competitive nature in the world has brought us to a situation, where we tend to compare ourselves to the scenario hovering around us. Never compare yourself to others, but compare to what to the person you were from yesterday.

We are what our thoughts made us. Words are secondary. The thirst for strong hope is stronger stimulant for life than any realized joy can ever be. It is hard to fail, but it is worse to never try to succeed.

Life always waits for some crisis to occur, before revealing itself at its most brilliant. The failures and successes we enjoy are just a result of the emotions we attach to them. Happiness and sadness depends on the quality of the object we are attached to. 

No matter how thin you slice, there are always two slices. The aim of facing ups and downs is to keep up your courage, conviction and confidence to just achieve what you believe in. No one can make you feel bad, until there is your consent. Never let others judge you. You can only let someone throw so many stones at you, only before you pick all them up and build a wall. Once you label me, you negate me.

Success is not key to happiness, but it is the other way around. The happiness and gratitude that we feel for what we are right now, is what will bring us success. Everyone thrives for success, because that is what we are meant to become. But success is not to be pursued, it is to be attracted by the person you become. Remember like attracts like. 

Our virtues and failings are inseparable, like force and matter. Learn from the mistakes of others, because you never live long enough to make them all yourself. The truth is only for those who seek it. It is the truth that liberates, not your effort  to be free.

Don’t mind criticism. If it is untrue, disregard it. If it is unfair, keep from irritation. If it is ignorant, just smile. If it is true, learn from it. A man is never as big as when he is on his knees to help a child. 

When faced with a situation to solve, understand the problem. If you really understand the problem, the solution will come out of it, because they are inseparable. Find meaning in every problem, imagine the situation and try to solve it. Imagination is powerful than knowledge.

I have learnt from a good friend, never let opportunities close on you. If opportunity doesn’t knock your door, build a door. Be alert to everything that happens around you, because failures are the result of laziness. Einstein has proved that time is variable, so remember time once lost is gone forever.

Be grateful for whatever you have achieved, be kind to others. Kindness in words creates confidence, in thinking creates profoundness, but in action creates love. Loving for the sake of being loved is human, but loving for the sake of loving is angelic. Be careful of love though, because it makes you think right as wrong, up as down, if not taken in right spirit.

It takes strong heart to like something, but a stronger heart to keep liking it eternally, no matter what happens in the meantime.The fact that there is some self-interest in every relationship needs to be accepted, but it becomes perfect when there is absence of judgement of others. 

When faced with something that makes you feel bad, it is necessary to think more than ever. It is said when in pain and anger, refrain from speech and action, so make sure you have clear thoughts and react maturely without getting overwhelmed.

Everyday you wake up, pray for good. Keep your face towards sunshine, all shadows fall behind you. Responsibility for everything that happens in your life is YOURS. Take time and think properly before you decide in your life. To hell with circumstances, create opportunities.

Mistakes that occur in life needs a measured response – Realize your role in the challenge and accept any mistakes, apologize with true intent and don’t forget to ask to how to make it right. Many people forget to do the last thing.

At the end of day, what matters is – How much you loved, how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.


I know it has been a long essay or story…no idea what to call it. I am not trying to preach, because I am just as eligible as anyone of you are to have an opinion. I am sorry if I had hurt sentiments or opinions of anyone, just wanted to write my thoughts down today. Please feel free to have any opinion on it and I would be grateful to answer and learn from them.

Oh god.. 1266 words.. I am so sorry for taking a lot of your time… Thanks for taking time ( about 25 minutes ??) from your valuable schedule… All the best.

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Happy blogging

Hi friends,

Being a novice to writing a blog, I am looking forward for a great experience, spending time to reminiscence my thoughts, share them with you guys out there reading my post.

It would be fitting to kickstart with the euphoria in the air on the day I entered my wonderful undergrad school, the only thoughts were reminded me of the days spent doing problems I was passionate about, knowledge learnt from inspiring teachers, discussions amongst awesome peers and tinkering about weirdo doubts that kept creeping up; which finally put me on road for my career to be destined and shaped up at this place.

When I look back, the career chosen after the schooling in our country has never felt crazier to understand, since most of the times we ended up in engineering not even knowing an ounce of what exactly is waiting in store for you out there. At least, it was almost like that for me. How many in computer science would have known that they would be learning graph algorithms, data structures; playing with the logic in our lives to our advantage !!

Whatsoever has happened has been for good. It is a proud feeling today to speak upfront that I am a BITSian, having got to know awesome people, being part of discussions pertaining to subjects ranging from academics to philosophy,shaping my goals and envisaging a vision to play a dynamic role in contributing to the change in the society.

Thank you for spending your valuable time, every miniscule of which is very important in our lives.